Azienda Meleta

Wines, Distillates, Olive Oils, Honeys, Farm to Table and Merchandise

Azienda Meleta is pleased to introduce our range of premium agricultural products to you. We are committed to purely organic and sustainable production methods, which together with our unique location, altitude and microclimate stand for the exceptional quality of all our foods in taste and composition.


Olive Oils

At Azienda Meleta we work around 17 hectares of olive groves containing around 4’500 olive trees. Half of them are planted in “multicultivar” style, containing a mix of autochthone Tuscan olive trees like Leccino, Pendolino, Moraiolo and others, which fit into the IGP disciplinary of Tuscan extra virgin olive oils. The second half of our groves are planted in “monocultivar” style, meaning only one type of Tuscan autochthone olive tree per field in order to get different extra virgin olive oils, pairing best with different dishes like salads, fish and meats. These “monocultivar” types of olive oils are: Frantoio, Leccino and Leccio del Corno and will come on the market in around 2023.


The exceptionally rich soils at Azienda Meleta in the “Colline Metallifere”, metalliferous hills, warm days and cool nights at our altitudes of around 500 meters above sea level together with the mineral breeze from the Mediterranean Sea in our proximity stand for the high quality of our wines.